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The Rural Municipality of Alexander is a great place to live, work and start a business.
It's also a great place to invest in! The municipality has a varied economic base, with its most prominent employer being Manitoba Hydro who has many employees situated at its various hydro dams and properties throughout the municipality. With its economic centres focusing around Pine Falls, Powerview and St. Georges, the area is very accessible to Winnipeg. Alexander also has the added advantage of providing future businesses with an abundance of inexpensive and readily-available hydro power.
Agriculture also plays a large role in Alexander. The community of Stead is known as the "sod capital" of Manitoba. Stead ships and distributes sod and peat moss to farmers as far south as Texas. Because of its varied geographic regions, Alexander also boasts having a thriving wild rice industry.
Lake Winnipeg provides commercial fishing activity, while mining also occurs just to the north of the Bird River area at Bernic Lake. Because all of its rich resources, and varied industries, Alexander offers much to visitors and future businesses.