The Purpose and Mandate of our Association is to:

  • Promote harmony and safe environment for all members
  • To address concerns of the members by discussion and action where possible and necessary
  • To lobby the Municipality on concerns and issues important to the membership
  • To communicate with the members to keep them informed and for feedback from membership
  • To encourage participation of members to serve on the Board and to plan and participate in activities and help deal with concerns in a positive manner
  • To plan and initiate or conduct any recreational or leisure activities suited to the needs and requirements of the members
The Board of Directors is made of Volunteers who are as follows:
Paul Manaigre

Past President
Keith Bernier

Vice President & Communications
Chris Lee

Ron LeDoyen

Membership Chair
Andrea Leger

Members at large
Sandra Jansen
Marielle Bernier
Peggy Maeren
Keith Penner
Yvon Lachiver

We may be contacted by e-mail at or by mail addressed to Albert Beach Property Owners Association, C/O Paul Manaigre, 1091 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3K2
Paul Manaigre, President,
Albert Beach Property Owners Association