Albert Beach Property Owners Association

The Purpose and Mandate of our Association is to:
  • Promote harmony , good fellowship, co-operation and safe environment for all members;
  • Provide a forum where cottage owners and members of the Association may discuss concerns in the community;
  •  Provide members of the Association with a unified voice for the betterment of the community;
  • Network, lobby, present briefs and petitions to the R.M. of Alexander and such level of government and organizations as shall be deemed necessary for the care, maintenance, improvement and protection of the community;
  • Maintain, in as far as possible, the natural environment of the community.

The Board of Directors for 2023-2024 is made of Volunteers who are as follows:

Janine Guilleminot-Rey

Paul Manaigre

Nicole Molin

Janice Schmidt

Members at large

Michelle Derewianko

Cate Versey

Maria Dunsmore

Peggy Maeren

Chris Daman

Rob Riel

Lee Ann Riel