Bird River Cottage Owners Association


 Interim President:
Carlene Strand
Lynn Richard

 Carol Guicheret
Patricia Leverick


The BRCOA typically holds its ANNUAL MEETING on the Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend.

The BRCOA formed to create a mechanism which would allow all residents to work together to create and maintain the highest possible quality regarding life and leisure experiences in the Bird River area.

  • To assist and monitor the various levels of Local Governments as they assess the Bird River's ability to sustain additional cottage development. Assessments conducted in 1977 and in 2007/2008 have concluded that THE AREA HAD EXCEEDED ITS CARRYING CAPACITY and that NO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT SHALL BE APPROVED.
  • To advocate for/assist in carrying out the continual testing of the water in the Bird River. This water is used for recreational as well as household uses and therefore requires that we be diligent in protecting its quality.
  • To monitor the quality of maintenance of all roads, dust control, ditches, etc. and advocate for the highest quality of support from the RM and Province
  • To advocate for the highest level of safety for traffic both on the River and the Roads and Highways in the area.
  • To act as a SOUNDING BOARD for all Cottage Owners to express concerns and as a conduit for passing on / advocating these concerns to the levels of Government responsible.
  • To provide timely feedback to all members using the most effective and efficient communication processes available.